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I have dedicated this webpage to my fiancee Myra, and also to serve as a reference to others who might aspire to petition their Fiance(e) under the K-1 Visa. My fiancee lives in Hong Kong and she is Filipina but the paperwork and process is relatively the same regardless of location and nationality.

Let me start by making this disclaimer. I am not an immigration lawyer nor an expert on the K-1 Visa. However I have done a fair amount of research over the past 2 years. I did limit myself to research over the Internet but I have consulted numerous government and over 100 personal web pages as well as various news-groups on the subject of Immigration in general and specifically the K-1 Visa. I have made links to those that I found to be most usefull. I have found the information to be fairly consistant and the process to be fairly straight forward. I highly recommend spending a fair amount of time checking out as much information as you can and getting a good feel for what all the K-1 Visa process involves before you make the commitment to do a K-1 Visa. However the K-1 Visa is the fastest and easiest way to get your future spouse to the US should you desire to marry someone from another country.

Should you hire a lawyer? Generally no. A lawyer is only going to do the same things that you should be able to do and that is to make sure that the paperwork is all in order and all requirements have been met. The only benefit from hiring a lawyer is that it may make an impression on the INS that the marriage is not a fraud and save you about 2 weeks for the I-129F petition approval. I don't feel that it is worth the money. The only requirements are that you have met your fiancee in the past 2 years. Just be sure to have lots of supporting documents (phone bills, airline tickets, photos, etc.) That is more than enough evidence that the marriage is not a fraud. Just take your time filling out the paperwork and be sure that you have everything correct and in order. (I checked my I-129F application and supporting documents at least 10 times before I sent it off). You should not have any problems. But by all means hire a lawyer if you do not feel confident in doing the paperwork yourself. Just be sure to get a lawyer that specializes in Immigration matter.

So this is our K-1 story and time line. It is still an on going process so check back later for updates. Also please sign my guest book when you are done viewing my webpage and your comments are more then welcome.

Our K-1 Story

Nov 21, 1999

This is the day that we met. I happened to come across her profile on Yahoo Messenger. I saw that she was living in Hong Kong. I have always been interested in other cultures so I asked her if she wanted to chat. She took a chance on me and we continued to chat over the next several weeks. We decided to exchange pictures and the rest is history.
March 31-April 10, 2000

After spending 4 months chatting everyday and many phone calls, we decided to meet each other so I flew to Hong Kong on March 30, 2000. We had spent so much time chatting and talking on the phone that when she met me at the airport it was like being reunited with a long lost friend even though we had never met in person before. I spent 10 days in Hong Kong and I have included a link (still under construction) to some of the pictures I took during my time there.
April 7, 2000

After meeting Myra in person and spending several days together I asked Myra to marry me up on the Peak. The Peak is a very romatic place to go especially at night. You have a good view of Kowloon and the harbor as well as the city since it is the highest point on Hong Kong Island.
April 18, 2000

Mailed the I-129F Fiancee petition to the Texas Center certified return receipt. You will have to check on which INS Center handles the K-1 Visas for you area.
The I-129F Petition

The packet I sent to the INS contained the following:
* Cover letter stating what was in the the packet.
* I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee. and a copy of the petition.
* A Postal money order for $95.00.
* Form G-325A Biographical information for petitioner with 2 ADIT photos and copy of petitioners birth certicate.
* Form G-325A Biograhical information for fiancee with 2 ADIT photos.
* Noterized Affidavit of Bona Fide Intention to marry within 90 days.
* 4 photographs of the two of us together in Hong Kong.
* Copy of my airline receipt and a copy of the boarding passes.
* Copy of my visa page in my passport from Hong Kong.
* Copy of my hotel receipts.
* Copy of my phone bills.

I downloaded all the forms from the INS webpage but you call also call or write them to get the forms you need. Also you can pick them up gratis at any INS Office, US Embassy or Consulate. I have found a website that has most of the needed forms and you can fill then out online and print them out so they will look very professional. You do not have to worry about colors on the forms such as with the G-325A. You can send all 4 copies on white paper. Just besure to use a laser printer so that you will have good quality print outs. I used all downloaded forms and was approved without any problem.

I also include this form since INS now allows you to send regular copies. I just copied the form to a word doc and attatched it to the front of my copies of tickets and receipts and paperclipped the photos of us together to the front.

I also made copies of everything and also sent copies to my fiancee.
April 28, 2000

Received the return receipt from the Texas Center. The packet was received on April 24, 2000. Now it is a matter of waiting for the NOA to arrive.
May 5, 2000

Received the Notice Of Action today. The notice date is April 28, 2000.
June 13, 2000

After calling all day I finally got through to the TSC and my visa was approved June 12, 2000.
June 18, 2000

Received the second NOA in the mail.
June 24, 2000

Myra received Packet #3 in the mail today. We were not expecting the packet till atleast the first of July so we are very suprised and happy cause now we can get things moving in Hong Kong much sooner then expected. She as to return 2 copies of OF-156, 1 OF-156K, and a HNK-2 which is a Hong Kong form, these have to be returned to the Consulate in order to get an interview.
June 27, 2000

Had the medical done 6/26/2000 and turned in the above mentioned forms to the US Consulate today. Now we wait for the interview.
July 7, 2000

Myra received packet #4 today from the Consulate and her interview is scheduled for July 14, 2000 at 0830. She should receive her visa that afternoon. We are tenatively planning for her to leave HK on 20 July, 2000.
July 14, 2000

Interview day. The Consulate officials just asked several questions, how did we meet? Where was I born? Who old am I? Where do I work? What is my job? When did I come to HK? Where did I stay? Where did we go when I was in HK (as if they would know)? and where do I live? After that they said she could pick up her vist on Monday July 17 after 4:30PM.
July 20, 2000

After a 3 hour delay in Dallas, engine trouble, Myra is now safe and sound in my arms. Dallas was her POE so she was able to get a 90 day EAD stamp.
August 10, 2000

Civil wedding at the Magistrates court. We have decided to postpone the formal wedding ceremony until Spring 01. Now it is on to the AOS.
October 2, 2000

After much procrastination on my part we have finally filed the AOS with 17 days to spare. We sent the I-485 Application to Adjust Status, I-864 Affidavit of Support, and the I-765 Application for Employment Authorization. With all supporting documents and seperate checks for each application to the Atlanta INS District Office. We decided to hold off on filing for the Advance Parole since we are not planning any travel outside of the US till we get the AOS.

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